World Cup 2022

Fun88, Doha is ready for World cup 2022 in Qatar


World Cup 2022Fun88, Doha is ready for World cup 2022 in Qatar

2022 football cup, FIFA presses Doha to relax alcohol bans

One of the main sponsors of the soccer event is the AB InBev company, whose beverages include Budweiser beer. They are trying to obtain a "relaxation" of the alcohol ban. In 2016, the government imposed a total ban, but some concessions have since been made. Following the abuses of workers and hundreds of victims at stadium construction sites reported in recent years, a new controversy erupted a few days ago around the 2022 football cup, which will take place between November 21 and December 18. Local sources report that FIFA officials, the highest international soccer body, are lobbying hard for the Doha authorities to allow alcoholic beverages to be consumed in and around the stadiums.

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The issue is a thorny one, because in Islam it is forbidden to consume wine, beer or any other alcoholic substance, although compliance with the law varies in different Muslim-majority countries and often no one takes it into account. Moreover, in some countries an exemption is granted to tourists, especially Westerners (as in the United Arab Emirates), cricket online betting as long as consumption takes place inside hotels and restaurants and not in open-air public places. Something similar is happening in Qatar.


However, in order to favor the hundreds of thousands of fans in the various countries - one example is the English fans, funn88 famous for their uncontrolled consumption of beer before and during matches - the international soccer bodies are pressuring the authorities to obtain more concessions, with the aim of "lightening" the ban on consumption during the World Cup and sales inside sports facilities.


In the small Gulf emirate alcoholic beverages are available in hotels and private clubs, but drinking in the public square is still considered a serious offense. It is not part of the local culture or tradition and openness to consumption - even if only in well-defined spaces "hidden" from view - was an element of controversy following the award of the competition. At the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup, the organizers established a "mixed" zone for fans and the intention is to proceed in the same direction.


However, uncertainty remains about the sale of alcohol in the eight stadiums that will be used for the world championship of countries. According to Bloomberg, Qatari officials are being lobbied heavily by FIFA and AB InBev, whose beverages include Budweiser beer, a major sponsor of the competition for more than 30 years. One of the options on the table is to make a product with a lower alcohol content available at the facilities, a kind of Bud Light that would end up creating more discontent among fans in different countries.

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Since November 2016, when the Doha government had categorically excluded alcohol consumption in public places and outdoors, some things have changed and the hard line seems to have softened (to the sound of money). Fun88 Negotiations with the government are still ongoing and the government is trying to please tourists and fans without incurring flagrant violations of Islamic rules. For their part, FIFA (and the sponsors) want to achieve their aims by maintaining a "respectful" climate in keeping with the host country's values.